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In , regardless of how much love is between the Rooster and the Rat, in the end, the disagreements will prove to be stronger than their love.

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In love, everything will be fine, but they will need someone with whom to hit the road this year. If you are already involved in a relationship, try to appreciate the person next to you and offer enough attention to your partner otherwise, you risk losing his support. They are adepts of constructive criticism and for this reason, any praise sounds more like lessons or parables. They stick to formalities and they analyze very well a person before they get involved in a relationship.

When they fall in love, the Rooster natives can be very passionate and committed to the relationship they build.

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They believe in long terms relationships, based on solid feelings. They like flirting and adventures, but they will never confuse them with love. Health-wise, it is very likely to encounter some problems mainly caused by stress. Stress can affect the physical and mental health of the Rooster natives in Anxiety is also a factor of risk for their health, and the difficulties they face can manifest through exhaustion.

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Towards the end of , the Rooster natives have a good state of health, but they should be careful when they travel because they are prone to accidents! You will come to terms with the mistakes from the past and you will stop tolerating negative people around yourself.

In the Earth Pig Year, you will need to make great efforts to obtain what you want. Important changes may occur home or at work, so you will need to be ready. A Capricorn Ox tends to have big aspirations in life, and may sometimes occasionally be relentless in their pursuit of them.

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These personalities like money, and they are usually quite apt at handling it and unlikely to be tempted by gambling or frivolous buys. Home life is important to the Capricorn Ox, as it gives him a stable base from where he can build for the future. These are not particularly sociable personalities that like going out, and so relaxation periods will more often than not be centered around being indoors. These Capricorns are always thinking ahead and planning their next move.

They prefer to make decisions on their own, but will be prepared to listen and consider other people's advice if it is offered. A Capricorn Ox does not generally believe in luck - they seem to assume that you make your own path to good fortune with perseverance.

A Capricorn Ox will search for soulmates that will help them with their ambitions and plans in life. These individuals are inclined to decide from a young age the things they want to achieve, acquire and aim for. It is almost impossible to change their decisions once they have set them in motion. If a Capricorn Ox finds a supportive and not too overly-sensitive partner, they will be appreciative, affectionate and protective towards them. These individuals are as determined to make relationships work as they are with their everything else in life.

The rigidness of the Capricorn Ox's outlook makes them sometimes so stubborn that they would rather lose out than give in. They can be far too obstinate for their own good at times, and have a tendency to sulk a lot, too.

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These little weaknesses in the Capricorn Ox personality do not usually bother anyone else. These negative traits can make these individuals angry with themselves, and this can in turn cause them to get stressed. They need to think a little longer before being so instantly dismissive of things. If they manage to do this, then their stubbornness and its resulting stress may lessen. The Resolute Capricorn Ox Personality The Chinese astrological symbol of the Ox represents a solid, determined, self-sufficient and mostly undemonstrative personality.

Comments: Capricorn Ox Personality. Optimistic [quote]Message from capricorn Capricorn needs to avoid Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, and Cancer. We have a lot in common and spending time together so far has been truly enjoyable. He is very compassionate direct and honest about who he is and what wants. I believe we bring out the best in each other. The voice of your pure heart will whisper to you to act exactly like this. Incidentally, it's your heart which will directly and indirectly manage everything which takes happens to you in During the period when the Yellow Dog reigns, Bulls who do not have a significant other will change their attitude towards people of the opposite sex somewhat.

You will stop waiting for someone to show interest in you, and you will learn to take your own steps to meet them. Of course, the simplicity present in your nature will risk making these steps awkward, to put it mildly. In order to eradicate this juvenile awkwardness in yourself, it would make sense for you go for special training devoted to exactly this kind of communication between the sexes. In , you are generally advised to develop the qualities in yourself which you are not quite satisfied with for some reason.

This self-improvement will help you to grow as a person, and also to gain completely tangible results. In this way, by coming to grips with the science called 'flirtation', already by the start of the second half of you will be able to find a decent partner to start a relationship with.

As far as married Bulls are concerned, their realities are unlikely to change significantly during the period of the Yellow Dog's reign. The only thing which will change around you is the decor inside your house. There is a chance that on your family agenda you will once again take up such a difficult matter as continuing construction of your holiday house or chalet.

This being the case, your romantic partner will effectively stop demanding from you the lyricism which is alien to you.

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