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It usually signifies having a very pleasant voice also, and positive aspects with planet Neptune can create a great singer. The person knows how to uses words, which in turn can make him indulge in manipulating other people, although this is rarely done as part of a cunning plan. The native had a rather pleasant childhood, especially if Venus is located near the cusp of the 4th house. School was a great and fun experience, and it was quite easy to learn everything that was taught.

The child did not need to invest a lot of time in learning, as the information provided was easily absorbed by the young mind. Language learning was one of the most interesting things, and the native will probably learn quite a lot of them during his life. Again, he has an advantage compared to other individuals as he needs to invest less effort in learning them than others would do.

When Mercury is also present in the third house , it can create a good writer; if Venus is part of a stellium of planets residing in the 3rd house then the native has enormous abilities to create nearly anything artistic.

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The presence of Uranus in conjunction with Venus will furthermore enhance the mind and expression, creating a genius whose artistic work might be pioneering. Such natives are developing a passion for books, magazines and any other form of written information, which they literally drink; in extreme situations, this placement can even create information-addicts that cannot feel comfortable unless there constantly exist sources of information around them. They always need a book, a computer or their phone available, and being deprived of internet is something that will definitely irritate them.

Venus in the 3rd house does not like loud music, sharp noises and the sounds of the city; the individual will travel a lot of short distance trips to relax, and this will often be a vital part of his reality. They love walking in parks, nearby forests, and nature in general, seeking inspiration in calm and beautiful parts of their city or the outskirts.

For them, enjoying their nearby surroundings is a form of meditation, giving them inner balance. They do not enjoy foul language and are repelled by people that do not have polite manners and speech. They do not like arguing because high tones of voice ruin their harmonic state of mind.


As the third house rules siblings, Venus tends to give a pleasant brother or sister with which a wonderful relationship is established from a very young age. The sibling is a charmer, having a lot of affairs and, in general, luck in love, unless there are very hard aspects from Mars, Pluto or Uranus to Venus. It is probable that the sibling is involved in some type of artistic activity too, or something connected with beauty. This could even be working as a hairdresser, or in a clothes shop, beauty products or PR. Curiously enough, the sibling often is of female gender; if it is a male then it might have some type of feminized beauty — even if this only means dressing elegantly and generally taking care of his appearance.

Venus in the 3rd house has the tendency to bring loves and affairs from the neighborhood, and there are high possibilities that the native will live unexpected romances with people who live nearby. Usually, such kind of affairs are unstable, as the third house is by no means a house that grants endurance in its matters.

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The native with Venus in the 3rd house has great diplomatic skills and can easily settle disputes. They guard their independence, and would never do anything just for the sake of a relationship. They are very active and energetic when it comes to convey their love to their partners. Such people do not appreciate a vague or coy relationship. They love the chase and initial conquest of a relationship. In order to grab their attention, you need to innovate things constantly to keep it new and fresh. They prefer to have a partner who is open and honest with them.

They don't like playing games unless they're having fun in it. Spontaneity is the key to keep them alive and going. Such people like to be a leader and often end up being an dominant in a relationship.

People with Venus in Aries like to compete with their own partners and friends and enjoy it to the extent of hurting the other one. Such people are very impulsive and can easily be attracted to many types of people. They get bored easily and can lose interest just as quickly as they fell in love. Such people are affectionate but are not afraid to stand up for themselves once they get hurt by their partners.

Venus in Aries Horoscope (All about Aries Venus zodiac sign)

When paired with a shy person, they can be a bit overwhelming. They like to have a little tension in a relationship to keep the excitement going. In friendship, people with Venus in Aries likes to be the alpha personality among their group of friends. They are generous, exciting and confident. However, the first husband as an individual is more accurately depicted via Guru.

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Her first husband was a military officer and policeman. Sensual pleasures through the head, skull, blood, flesh, muscles, forehead, top of head, sides of head, act of birth. Enjoys movement, competitive sport - not watching, but actively playing.

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A"player", flirty style. Mesha-Zukra likes to push their edge, in life and romance. Attracted to muscular, well-toned, body-loving partners and sporting, active, innovative environments. Likes the thrill of the chase. Can be prone to drug use due to a taste for very fast physical body response.

Competitive in marriage. Zukra-Meza and the spouse may prefer separate, independent activities. Desires a partner with athletic, boyishly charming, adolescent-masculine physique, trim-and-fit spouse with innovative, first-arrived lifestyle and self-promoting values. Careers in design of war equipment, sports equipment; handsome military uniforms, fashionable sports clothing.

Careers in matters of interest to women: especially culture of competitive athleticism, physical fitness, sports fashion , beauty-culture that values musculature, speed, heat, battles, innovation, pioneering, youth, Transportation design, architectural beauty of fast-moving transport such as sports equipment, ski, sail, swim, fly, dive; engines and body of airplanes, bicycles, automobiles - particularly when these are used for competitive sport.

To make this one happy, help them cultivate physical body strength and vitality.

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Make them more attractive and competitive. Give a new hairstyle, personal trainer or the newest sports equipment. Invite them to a vigorous yoga class or an outdoor sporting holiday, where they can enjoy friendly skillful competition in good company. Praise their astounding, heroic wins and the extraordinary novelty of their ideas.