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Press Releases. Media Man Hires Corporate Witch. Lunar lunacy lurks in the shadows 9th August - Berwick Leader. Is your skin crawling today? The answer may be a little over your head or at least it will be by nightfall. With the next full moon due tonight August 9 , clairvoyants and police are expecting to be busy. Pakenham police Sen-Sgt Trevor Teer said although reported crimes clocked in on average on the last full moon, willing night shift staff were always difficult to find at that time of month.

Like the ram, they keep butting in.

Aries are not very tactful and prone to losing their temper with slow, indecisive people. Taurus - April May 20 Like their element suggests, they are down to earth, practical people who like the comforts of life. They desire a solid family life. They don't have their head in the clouds.

They prefer solid true friendships and they can be very generous.

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Taureans have an affinity with the land. They are rather possessive, conservative and dependable.

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Sometimes they may seem too pleased with themselves. Gemini - May June 21 This sign never seems to grow up.

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They'll stay young at heart. Very changeable and restless they are extremely talkative and seemingly have a split personality. They can get out of a difficult situation by talking. They seem to have a flair for languages and should make good reporters or television compares. Cancer - June July 22 A strong imagination, kind and sensitive, Cancerian possesses a strong mother hen feeling. Shrewd and a good homemaker, they are, but they can also be over-emotional, over sensitive, moody and indulge in self-pity.

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They are easily flattered and untidy. Leo - July August 22 Leo's can be generous, creative, broad minded, ostentatious and a good organiser. However, in the negative sense, they can also be dogmatic, intolerant, tyrannical, self-opinionated and pompous. Virgo - August September 23 Discriminating, yet precise is the Virgo.

Being exact, neat and tidy obsesses them.

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I am love and relationship. I provide time frame and predictions.

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