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The modern apprenticeships which are now available are worth exploring as they offer a career path involving getting a qualification without saddling yourself with thousands of pounds of debt for the future. Students need to think carefully and choose subjects which are more likely to have a job option at the end of the day and also be aware that even when they graduate they will be competing with many others for one job.

They must also choose courses which will bring them satisfaction and are enjoyable but also are accredited by professional bodies so that if they want to move ahead in their chosen field their inputs will be recognised. As a STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics coach and mentor I advise people to take the long-term view on their career journeys and consider what is going to be right for them. We need a protection barrier between them. Dennis Ryan, Bristol. I also note she does not explain. Richard Gunn, Newcastle upon Tyne. Maybe I will wear a burka instead of a crash helmet I READ with interest the various letters about the wearing of burkas.

Just recently when I was attempting to fill up my motorcycle I was spoken to by the staff via the intercom to remove my open face crash helmet before I could put fuel in the bike — never mind entering the building to pay. I wonder who would dare ask me to remove it. Miles Helliwell, Heathfield, E Sussex. It always saddens me when I see Muslim ladies in the hot weather forced by indoctrination to be covered when the men and boys play and swim freely. She is right to say this is gender apartheid.

Let us hope things will change for Muslim women. Carole Gates, Manchester. In running potential tweets by friends before publicising them he has created the perfect buffer. His profile remains completely intact while he speaks his mind. If only we could all exercise such control. Many of us are guilty of venting anger online which can make for pretty cringeworthy reading when the dust settles. Lucy Mellor, Stockport, Cheshire.

Does she bear a grudge from her days as Home Secretary when they gave her the cold shoulder over the cuts she imposed on police numbers? Even she had to admit that they ran to, and not away from, that same danger when a terror suspect tried to kill people near Parliament last week. Peter Hyde, Driffield, E Yorks. HOW disappointing. The whole point of engaging with websites such as Twitter is that you are joining a constantly updating, in-the-moment platform on which to air your thoughts in the here and now.

Carrey has missed the point. David Shaw, London. Ten things you never knew about Only female mosquitoes bite. Male mosquitoes do not drink blood but live on pollen. Females need blood in order to lay eggs. They visit plants for pollen outside the breeding season. Only about of the 3, known species of mosquito bite humans. Other species specialise in other creatures such as birds or lizards. A mosquito can drink up to three times its own weight in blood.

A mosquito can smell carbon dioxide feet. Male mosquitoes live for only about a week and a half. Females generally live six to eight weeks. Some species hibernate and live for six months. When a female mosquito meets a male, their rates of wing-beat synchronise until they buzz with the same note. Research has suggested that mosquitoes have a preference for beer drinkers.

Mosquitoes flap their wings times a second but still have a top flying speed of only 1. ROGS, I was delighted to discover the other day, are just as irrational as humans. After reading the paper mentioned above, I am delighted to report that frogs would not find it perplexing either. The froggy experiment involved playing croaks of males through loudspeakers to female frogs and seeing which ones they chose.

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Frogs can judge the attractiveness of other frogs from the pitch and frequency of their croaks, so by manipulating the croak rate, the experimenters could make croaks more or less attractive. First, they would test a female with croaks A and B to see which she chose, then they would introduce croak three, which was less desirable that either A or B but acted as a decoy.

Amazingly some females were found to choose A over B when only those were heard but to choose B ahead of A when C was also offered. This was also found to be the case if the loudspeaker playing croak C was placed on the ceiling and was therefore unobtainable to the female frog. Sadly we do not know whether the man in the cafe would still have chosen chicken if the smoked salmon sandwich had been on the ceiling but otherwise the frogs seem to have behaved in much the same way as him.

Humans have been shown to do something similar when selecting wines in supermarkets or restaurants. Offered A cheap or B medium price , they will go for the cheaper option to save money, but if C expensive is also available, they will often choose B, decoyed into thinking that they are now saving money by not buying C. Basically it all comes down to the intransitivity of human and frog preferences: you may prefer A to B and prefer C to A but still pick B over C when given the choice. Frogs, as far as I know, do not eat chocolate, which makes their life much simpler.

QuickPages has brought together some of the biggest insurance brands to make it easy for you to ring round and get the best quote! Calling the QuickPages Freephone numbers is a quick and easy way to get comparative quotes direct from different insurers. This shows you if you are getting good value for money from your current insurer.

Calls to numbers are free from mobiles and landlines. QuickPages will not share your details with any 3rd parties. QuickPages use your details to provide you with relevant products and services if you respond. One day you may feel like you can take on the world, the next your self-belief slips through your fingers like sand. But there are many tips and tricks you can try to give yourself a boost. From faking it until you make it to throwing on a bright red dress, you can be more self-assured and positive in just a few simple steps. Here we share the ultimate guide to confidence. The desire to do and be better is a positive trait.

But continually striving for a perceived version of perfection can stop you from being happy with who you already are and prevent you from seeing all the positive things in your life. A common perfectionist tendency is to compare yourself to others. But in trying to be like other people, you stop yourself from being the best version of you. Instead, think about the areas of your life you would like to improve, and then work on those.

Everybody starts from different points in life, which makes comparison pointless; what matters is that you are making progress on a path you have chosen for yourself. The thought of doing exercise can be daunting, especially if your confidence is low. Joining a gym or going to a group class can seem like the last thing you would want to do.

But exercise can be as simple as going for a walk. Just one minute stroll each day can significantly improve your health and emotional wellbeing. You could fit this in on the way to work, at lunchtime, or whenever feels right for you. The best walks are in daylight, in natural surroundings. Not only will being outdoors give you a vitamin D boost, but the exercise itself will also produce feel-good endorphins, making you feel great. As well as choosing the right styles and cuts to suit your shape, your wardrobe should be full of colours that suit your skin tone and heighten your mood.

So for a confidence boost try choosing a red dress, top, scarf, or even a slick of red lipstick. By closing your eyes and repeatedly imagining yourself wildly succeeding, you create neural pathways in your brain which programme you to perform well the next time you give a speech in real life. In order for this to be effective you need to run your mental movie repeatedly and engage all your senses, so that the scenario is as vivid and realistic as possible. Picture your surroundings, hear the sound of your voice, see the audience respond enthusiastically and feel the excitement and confidence growing inside you.

Whether you want a promotion at work or to give your social life a boost, all it takes is a few simple steps. Whenever your confidence takes a bump and you need a quick and simple pick-me-up, take a mental step back for a moment. Think about the problem in the bigger story of your life. Will it still matter in a week, a month or a year from now? Many of the things we worry about cease to matter after a while, so zooming out like this helps to speed up the process of building confidence by giving you some instant perspective.

Unfortunately most of us avoid discomfort. We live within small, familiar comfort zones that limit what we do in our lives. When you regularly take risks, however, your comfort zone expands. Even taking small steps towards your goals can expand your horizons and make you feel more positive about life. Not only do fragrances smell good, but they have been proven to enhance confidence. And when you smell good, you feel more attractive and better about yourself too.

Find a scent that suits your personality - something that lifts you the instant you spritz it on. Consider layering your scent too, by using soap, shower gels and body lotions with complementary scents. A significant proportion of the way we communicate is done purely through body language.

Before you say even a single word, you are speaking volumes through your posture, eye contact and other physical gestures. Make the most of this by consciously adjusting your body language to convey confidence. Stand or sit up straight, with your shoulders back and your chin up. Avoid crossing your arms, so that you appear open rather.

At first it might feel unusual to focus on your body language like this, but over time these behaviours will come to feel natural, making a big difference to how other people perceive you and how you perceive yourself. Keep it where you will use it — by the bed, near your favourite spot on the sofa or wherever you will notice it. Writing down how you feel and what your confidence levels are from day to day will help you keep track of the events and situations that knock your self-belief.

However, remember to record the high points as well as the lows: the diary will give you something to read on darker days to remind you that things will get better. To order a copy call the Express Bookshop on or visit expressbookshop. They thrive in sunny locations, and their undemanding nature makes them a rewarding hardy perennial to choose. However, we have selected some of our best-selling award winning varieties which we think you must try. Height 40cmcm, spread 40cmcm. Daytime tel no. Please note we do not refund postage on unsuitable items or cancelled orders.

Calls from other networks and mobiles may cost more. Customer Services: HEN Natasha Moxon-Booth blows out the candles on her birthday cake each year, her heart is filled with sadness. What should be a happy occasion is made bittersweet by the fact her twin sister Emily is no longer there to celebrate with her. The horrific murder shocked the nation at the time and was reported in the national press. Before the attack, Natasha and Emily had a happy childhood growing up in Ampthill, Bedfordshire, with their mum Julia, dad Howard, and younger brother Dominic.

Like any other teen, Emily liked to play sports and go out with her friends. She was a normal year-old really. She liked socialising with her friends. We went to school together and did swimming together. In , five years before she was killed, Emily began dating Martin Rodney, who she met at their secondary school, Redborne Upper School.

At first their relationship seemed like any other high school romance. Although their relationship was on-and-off, Martin never allowed Emily to break up with him for long. In , when Emily was 16, she split up with Martin but soon started receiving abusive text messages.

When asked what her opinion of Martin was before the murder,.

Natasha snorts in disgust. A week before she was killed Emily broke up with Martin once again, this time because she suspected he had been cheating on her, but Martin was unable to accept their relationship was over. Then one night in December , Emily and Natasha went clubbing in the nearby town of Luton. The court later heard that Emily and Martin had an argument on the way home.

Yet instead of going home to bed, Martin grabbed a kitchen knife, gloves and a balaclava from his house. Then he followed Emily to the street where she lived. Then Martin stabbed Emily with the eight-inch knife. She began screaming for help and crawled onto her drive. The family ran downstairs and tried to save her. It took us a few minutes to work out where the injuries were. A post-mortem report later revealed that the knife had pierced her right lung and severed the vital aorta artery, causing massive blood loss. I put my cheek to her mouth and there was no breathing and she was cold.

Natasha and her family were devastated. Meanwhile, Martin had run to a nearby field and tried to cut his wrists but was later arrested and charged with murder. The quiet town where Natasha lived was shocked by the attack. It made it very difficult for us. Stockists: toofaced. Stockists: benefit cosmetics. Stockists: spacenk. Stockists: theperfume shop. Stockists: boots. Outstanding features include:. Now she has a family of her own with husband Ian. Yet it saddens her to think that her children will never know their aunt Emily. To find a charity place visit royalparkshalf.

Or please debit my…. Email Address If you wish to be kept up to date with news on offers or deals, please tick the box. Please allow up to 7 working days for delivery. For any questions or queries regarding placed orders call helpline How we nurture ourselves is incredibly important and Shelley and I love to cook together from scratch every night.

In my younger years food was just fuel and I never really gave much thought to what I was eating as I lived my life at such a fast pace. As a rugby player, it. Now it is very much my mission to live consciously rather than reactively and to embrace all the positive aspects of humanity such as acceptance, compassion and a true connection with others.

I never cease to be amazed by the beauty of the natural world and everything it does for us. Not only do the trees, plants, seas and rivers help us to breathe and give us water, they are incredibly soothing for the soul and being close to nature is a great way of getting perspective.

It is a reminder that we are just one living organism amid a whole universe. I try to go walking in the countryside near my home every day, and it always makes me feel joyful. Whatever you want to achieve in life definitely involves some active planning and visualisation and that.

From my experience, it is completely impossible to predict how things will turn out, even with the best planning in the world. If you try to control the outcome too much, I think you can lose out on unexpected opportunities. The trick is to spend time doing activities that really inspire and motivate you.

Visit no1kombucha. ABTA V ATOL protected For customer services call Only valid on selected cruises on board Olympia only. Subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time. The bouquet showcases the best summer has to offer. This competition is open to UK and Ireland residents aged 18 and prize. Entry is deemed as over, excluding anyone connected acceptance of these terms. Visit interflora. Offer code cannot be before the prize can be awarded, used in conjunction with any other otherwise winners will forfeit the offer.

One entry per letter. This competition closes at midnight on September 15, and three working days later for postal entries. Please ensure you provide your name, address and email details as incomplete entries may be charged but not entered. Entrants must be 18 or over. Prizes are subject to availability. Images are for representational use only. SP: Spoke - Our maintenance bills are too high and ever increasing. Everyone has been friendly and helpful. Phil was professional and knowledgeable. We are happy we decided to take the plunge and do something about this. We do not use the resorts any more.

Someone pointed us in your direction as we wanted to exit from our timeshare. Everything has gone okay and we have been kept informed at every stage. My wife dealt with any questions etc. The service has been excellent and if I knew any other timeshare owners I would recommend this service. Our assessor Jo has been great, she has answered all of our questions and been patient with us and made sure we understand. I originally spoke with Natalie and she was helpful and thorough.

The company are always in contact with me and I am glad now that I have exited. We are not solicitors. Lansdown Financial Ltd provides compensation services. ABC Legal provides exit services. Some bagless vacuum cleaners can accumulate dust, requiring additional maintenance and frequent filter washing. Bagged vacuum cleaners are designed for convenient cleaning.

Disposing of the dust and debris collected from around your home is effortless and hygienic; bags can be easily removed and replaced without handling the dust. Specially designed for floor to ceiling cleaning, the Pro vacuum features a full set of attachments, with the flexibility to glide effortlessly from carpet to hard floors without having to change settings. When you use the Gtech Pro, the layers of dust that accumulate inside the bag are continually pushed down by the air flowing. Important: Please use code 26GH at checkout to get this exclusive offer. Offer only available directly from Gtech.

Thick or deep pile carpets may reduce runtime. Average based on user study. See www. I suppose in one sense this is inevitable given there are now several billion channels with airtime to fill. To be fair to Channel 5, they also make proper animal programmes. Helen Skelton and Nick Baker are our main hosts, and Yorkshire. Came second on The X Factor in Starting with breakfast, the former Great British Bake Off winner left knocks up some mocha swirls.

Now, the next item on the menu could be somewhat divisive — piccalilli macaroni cheese. What should prove more universally popular are the main course of grapefruit chicken stew with couscous and dessert of half a pear crumble. Nadiya also learns more about chillies as well as meeting a self-confessed chilli geek.

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Great Britain judo international Ashley McKenzie is no stranger to reality television, having also appeared in Celebrity Big Brother 10 in September He made it to the final and left the house in fifth position. For the second part of this gastronomic tour of Italy, Jamie Oliver above is in Puglia, a region known for its olive oil, artichokes, tomatoes, aubergine, asparagus and mushrooms.

He seeks out the family recipes that make this region one of the hottest food destinations in Italy, inspiring his authentic hand-crafted pasta with warm broccoli and tangy cheese pesto. Also on the menu are variations on dishes using orecchiette. Eight celebs spend 10 days on the Sussex coast and learn how to handle cows, sheep and alpacas, muck out stables and carry out general farm maintenance. The records show that young Johnnie was a prolific goalscorer for his local amateur side, and attracted the attention of Leeds United.

Nicole has come armed with a bottle of Ambre Solaire. BBC1, 9pm. Jonnie is particularly. In a two-parter entitled Beyond Good and Evil, a case from 13 years earlier returns to haunt Lewis played by Kevin Whately, right. Graham Lawrie was found guilty of the murders of three police officers but now the forensics have been called into question and an appeal has been launched.

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As Lawrie awaits his day in court, PC Mark Travis is lured to an isolated location with a hoax call and falls victim to a killer who uses the same weapon as that used in the original murders. If you prefer to receive information and offers from organisations carefully selected by Express Newspapers, please tick here. Delivery to mainland UK only. Please allow up to 7 working days for delivery, coupon orders may take up to 14 days. This product is sold and supplied by Easylife Group Ltd, with whom you contract when you accept this offer. Support Line or email help easylifegroup.

Robert Rinder oversees proceedings. Fun for youngsters. Using her eye for detail, as well as her experience with antiques and murder, she sets about putting together clues to help catch a killer. Drama, starring Lori Loughlin. W Belle shows her commitment. See Pick Of The Day. AD starters as they compete. W S truth about their relationship.

AD W stay over. Highlights from the third day of the third Test, which takes place at Trent Bridge. Last in the series. S v buying and selling cars. H her, while Sean lies to Billy. S Followed by 5 News Update. Paralympic athlete Jonnie Peacock traces the story of his maternal grandfather, who gave up a potential career in football to take a job as a painter and decorator due to parental pressure. AD R Last in the series. W S Followed by Weather. Including a debate on the burning issues and behind-the-scenes insights. S Followed live interactive gaming. Round-up 3. Eight famous faces spend ten days tending to animals and carrying out other standard duties under the instruction of Chris Jeffery.

Mark Harmon stars. David Giuntoli stars. US legal series. FM: Live from the Royal Albert Hall. Lucy Ash meets the seaweed farmers of Paje and learns how their livelihood is now being threatened by climate change which may destroy everything they have worked so hard for. Liam shaw. A report on the thousands of women in East Africa who have gained control of their lives thanks to seaweed farming. The profession gives these women a much-needed income and new form of independence, Night Club: Football discussion, debate and build-up to Crystal Palace v Liverpool.

Commentary on the top-flight clash from Selhurst Park. MW: , , , kHz 5. ITV Wales: 8. News and weather. MW: , , kHz 6. MW: , kHz FM: So this gorgeous orchid will never fade or wilt, and requires no watering or care. Concealed within the blooms are tiny LeDs that emit a lovely soft glow. Powered by 2xAA batteries not supplied , our orchid measures 60x16cm high and is presented in a classic white vase. MW: , kHz 5. FM: MHz 6. Commentary on day three of the third Test at Trent Bridge.

This unicorn of the sea is not only extraordinary in appearance, but tantalising difficult to study. Or please debit my… Visa. Romantic comedy, starring Odette Annable. Fantasy adventure, starring Mark Hamill. Fact-based drama, starring Denzel Washington. The Stratford sisters are like chalk and cheese — Bianca is the most popular girl in school, while Kat is a social recluse with no tolerance of the opposite sex.

That is until they find Patrick Verona — a quiet youngster with a mysterious past. Could he be the one? Comedy, starring the late Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles. Tim Allen. Gold 7. Gold 8. Panel show, hosted by Jimmy Carr. Crime drama. Documentary series. With David Dimbleby. England v India. The third day of the third Test in the fivematch series, which takes place at Trent Bridge. Crystal Palace v Liverpool Kick-off 8. The third day of the third Test in the five-match series at Trent Bridge.

Jamaica Tallawahs take on Trinbago Knight Riders. Galway v Limerick. Action from the Festival of Endurance. V Borussia Dortmund 4. A last-lap thriller saw Jorge Lorenzo clinch his third win of the season. Action from a semi-final. A look back at the key moments from the race.

The eighth meeting of the season from Cadwell Park. Nesbitt: Disasters That Changed Britain Classic comedy. Shopping from home. On deck enjoy a traditional ceremony to mark crossing the Arctic Circle Day 5. Day On your way to Molde, marvel at the steep and snowcovered peaks of the Romsdal Alps, encompassing some of the most dramatic landscapes in Norway Day For a full itinerary please ask your cruise specialist.

Day 6. Day 8. Day 9. Day 7. Prices are per person based on two adults sharing, except single cabins, may increase and be withdrawn at any times. Offer advertised applies to new bookings only. Ports may require a tender. Please note Hurtigruten ships are working ships. Lines close at midnight tonight. Entries must be postmarked by August 21 at the latest. SP: Spoke — For any postal enquiries, call helpline number. Need Help? Call for 5 extra clues! Each grid number represents a letter. Every letter of the alphabet is used.

Use the given letter or letters — below the main grid — to start. Solution tomorrow. Prizeword: Sliver. In making a word, each letter may be used once only. Each must contain the centre letter and there must be at least one nine-letter word. Each grid number represents a letter — or black square. As in Alphapuzzle, every letter of the alphabet is used. But you have to complete the grid too! Use the given letters and black squares below the grid to start. Fill the grid so that every column, row, and 3x3 square includes all of the digits from one to nine.

To obtain our up to date list please visit www. Please enclose an SAE for return. Lines close at midnight on Sunday, Aug Winners will be selected at random from all valid entries. Take the online Mensa workout at www. Mensa does not accept hyphenated words, and uses the Oxford Dictionary of English Second Edition Revised as its official reference.

When each word is rearranged, one of them can prefix all the others to give four longer words. What are they? Can you make two common five-letter words from the nine letters given, using each letter only once? You can — but only if one letter features in both words in the squares on the right. See if you can find the answer within our target time. If you need help, ring our clue-line below to find out the crossover letter. To order, please call or order online at www. UK delivery is free. Winner picked at random from all entry routes after close date. Call for five extra clues!

For any postal enquires, call this helpline. Then, use the clue letters to work out the seven-letter word in the shaded squares. Winner selected at random from all correct entrants who beat the minute Target Time. Each grid number represents a different letter. All 26 letters of the alphabet are used. Lines close every Sunday. UK Delivery is free. Aries Mar 21 — Apr 20 Abandon yourself to pleasure.

Take a well-earned vacation, enjoy a romantic outing or devote time to a creative project. Wear something fashion forward and eye-catching. Taurus Apr 21 — May 21 Devoting your attention to household matters will be rewarding. You need a comfortable haven so add decorative touches to your living space. Treat the expense as an investment in your happiness.

If you sense some discomfort on their part, invite them to voice their concerns. Libra Sep 24 — Oct 23 A group outing will be lots more fun than expected. Being surrounded by upbeat people will lift your spirits. Your flair for drama is sure to work in your favour. Take this opportunity to generate publicity for a product or service. Orders will pour in. Use your powers of persuasion to build brand loyalty. Taking a trip, enrolling in a college or working to preserve the environment are among the exciting possibilities. To order the Rupert annual for no. He intends to hide them while he thinks of a plan to outwit their enemies.

Straight to a huge rock he takes them, and while the chums look on in amazement he rolls away a stone and reveals a strong rope and a large sheet of sailcloth. Add more with some grated Parmesan to serve, if desired. Serves 4. METHOD 1 Heat half the oil in a saucepan over medium heat then add the onion and saute for 15 to 20 minutes until brown. Stir in the rice and mix well. Let heat for about 2 minutes, then pour in the wine. Continue until all the stock is used and the rice is al dente, about 20 minutes. Cancer June 22 — July 23 Working from home will be a good plan for you.

If your family needs you to be close to home, talk to your boss. They could create an arrangement that allows you to telecommute or just come in to work for a few days each week. Leo July 24 — Aug 23 Going out for a night on the town will be a great release from any tensions. Although you enjoy the comforts of home, you like dressing up and going out even more. Jewellery and clothes from another culture may be especially appealing. Virgo Aug 24 — Sep 23 Withdrawing to a private place is critical to your health.

Capricorn Dec 22 — Jan 20 Stop announcing your plans to everyone. It will also help to avoid pessimists — surround yourself with upbeat friends. Aquarius Jan 21 — Feb 19 Working with a partner will greatly increase your chance for success. It helps that you love your duties. Getting paid to exercise your creativity makes you excited to get started.

Congratulate yourself on pursuing your dream job. Service Provider: Spoke. Helpline: With the Oakhouse range you can have all your mealtimes sorted in one simple delivery, meaning your time is your own and no more slaving over a hot stove.

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They deliver to homes right across Britain from their. Oakhouse will do all that they can to help, including putting the food away in the freezer. To get started visit oakhousefoods. The range includes everything for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including many irresistible desserts and an extensive range of groceries too. The meals are traditionally cooked using the freshest ingredients and then quick frozen for freshness. Are you happy for us to contact you by the following means?

Please tick box: Phone. Lowest value item, excludes Home Care range. Optional extras charged as per retail price list. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. A walk in the sun can be agony. Cosyfeet, the specialist in extra roomy footwear, has a collection of summer styles using the latest technology and quality materials to help keep swollen feet comfy and cool.

Try Molly, one of the bestselling styles, which comes in a choice of eyecatching colours and prints to complement any wardrobe. The sandals are touchfastening straps which adjust. By George Nichols to fit swelling and they are even machine-washable. For men, there is Henry, a cotton-mix casual shoe which can also double as a smart slipper. Cosyfeet also has a collection of stylish leather sandals for both men and women, designed to fit and flatter swollen feet. Selena and Zinnia are elegant slingbacks that are perfect for summer weddings, while Sunny and Cher are just the thing for a sunny stroll or a day at the beach.

And if you suffer with painful bunions as well as swelling, the stretchy sandal Hop, moulds to the shape of your foot. For men, there is a choice of three leather sandal styles. Bingley is the most supportive as it has a closed back which also allows for an orthotic. Adjustable straps hold the foot firmly in place while the cushioned footbed is really comfy.

The Coolmax seam-free socks are made from a special lightweight fabric which moves moisture away from the foot, so it evaporates quickly. The study drew on survey responses from gig economy drivers or riders — including couriers who deliver food or parcels and taxi drivers — along with 48 in-depth interviews. One in 10 respondents said someone had been injured as a result of their crash at work. The customer gets a delivery window when the parcel will be delivered and if you go out of those windows, you get fined for it.

Both companies had. The earlier — of which around 4, were company has also been criticised for private sales. The majority of drivers 67 per cent said their company did not suggest rest breaks or give advice about phone use while driving. It is unclear how many drivers work in the gig economy, but Uber has previously confirmed it has around 40, drivers in London alone. Sterling, which has suffered a week of losses against both the euro and US dollar, will stay under pressure because of mounting fears about a disorderly Brexit, experts warn. Wall Street will celebrate its longest bull market in history this week as the spectacular rise in share prices since the financial crisis surpasses the s rally.

This is reflected regionally, in productivity and pay levels, for millions of people. By the next day a possible offer had become a formal offer, coinciding with the announcement of half year results. A pretty busy week, all things considered. At p per share, the all-cash offer is a hefty 37 per cent above the market price the day before the offer was announced.

But perhaps not this time round. Bids and blizzards keep busy esure on its toes biggest shareholder Toscafund, with 17 per cent, are both on board, meaning Bain already has nearly 48 per cent of shareholder votes in the bag. The focus for esure has been on growing customer numbers, and the first half shows some progress on that front. Policy numbers rose 8. The slip is largely down to the increase of insurance claims from the burst pipes and icy roads left in the wake of the Beast from the East.

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The group has been among the worst performers in the sector when it comes to underwriting, and actually makes the majority of its money from cross-selling third-party products to its customers. So why is Bain interested? Just look at. Like esure, RSA is in the competitive and price-driven personal insurance industry. But a laser-like focus on underwriting and more focused investment has seen the struggling also-ran become a force to be reckoned with in relatively short order. Bain will hope it can deliver the same kind of results. Shares can rise and fall in value so you could get back less than you invest.

W-Factor: Petrastar 99 ; Anchises 96 ; Midi DRAW: High numbers hold a slight advantage in sprints. Left Handed. D Carroll. Non-runner: Newgate Angel. K Ryan. J Bethell. Non-runner: Dagueneau. B Haslam. Non-runner: Richenza. Non-runner: Autretot. Sir M Stoute. R M Whitaker; jtfav Bibbidibobbidiboo. Non-runner: Van Gerwen. T Aelius T Agadeer L Albert Boy T Allatoona L American Patrol W Anchises L Aristomachos W Arizona Sunrise T Athary W Autretot T Balmoral Castle W Barbara Hepworth..

L Bashiba T Bashiba W Battle Commence T Beauty Concept T Bee Machine W Berry De Carjac W Billy Wedge T Blizzard L Bogardus T Boots And Spurs T Bossipop T Box And Cox L Chai Chai L Champagne Rules T Che Bella T Cheerfilly L Chonburi L Chosen World T Clenymistra T Consequences W Coutts De Ville L Cowboy Soldier W Dancing Jo W Dark Confidant Resistance only. No lists. Janelle Belgrave L. Co-host: JupiterianStars. Book a consultation with me. Kamran Ahmad. Introducer of heavy time. Ashleigh D. Oxford Astrologer - oxfordastrology - Oxford, England Astrology for smart people.

Vande Mataram! Sensi - Heauxno1currr - Worldwide dreamer. Views are mine not official. Believe in technology is the key for bigger social changes. See website for minor planet data, asteroid ephemeris, aspectarians etc. Jonathan Cainer - jonathanCainer - earth Astrologer.

Comet watcher. Seeking inner peace, deeper wisdom and a better internet connection. Zaib Khan - drzaibkhan Doctor of medicine, Aesthetic medicine, astrologer, media personnel, Politician, Contested elections. Tarot reader and astrologer. Life Path 1. Inner Plane Initiate Pagan Priest. Fortunes Told. Occult Secrets Revealed. Offering astrological consultations. Bridging the conventional and the New Age. Xtrology - xtrology - Hollywood, California Xtrology is the real thing by a real astrologer.

Don't settle for imitators. We predict. Others don't. Mission: help you to feel the cosmos in you.